The Sugar Fast Day 32: What’s Next

Well, it’s over. Yesterday was the last day of the sugar fast. I haven’t written about it in so long—almost two weeks, in fact—because I haven’t had anything new to say, really. I’ve just kept at it. Boring, but true.

Can I be a little sad that it’s over?

I had a clementine this morning and was overwhelmed by its sweetness. It tasted like I was eating candy. The blueberries I ate this afternoon also tasted extremely sweet, but not quite as overpowering.

From the beginning, I’ve been concerned with developing good habits, and I think….drumroll…we have. We’ve incorporated way more vegetables into our diet, have been so astounded by the deliciousness of homemade bread that I’m not sure we’ll ever buy it from the store again, and have successfully broken our incessant cravings for sugar.

Will we still have sugar? Yes. It doesn’t need to disappear from our lives forever, and moderation in all things is certainly now the sugar rule.

But it doesn’t define our—it doesn’t define my—experience of happiness or well-being anymore.

I’ve been happy without it, and I will be happy with it again—as an occasional treat.

And if it ever becomes a dominant force in my life once more, out it goes for a little while. We’re even thinking of making January an annual no-sugar fast month. Who knows?

This month has been crazy, stressful, wonderful, bewildering, and revealing. Thanks for sticking it out with me.

And now… back to our regularly scheduled program. 😉

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