A Somewhat Silly Interlude

This is not my “official” weekly blog post, but I thought I would just write something fluffy, as my next is going to be rather serious. You may also, if you like, consider this a “P.S.” to the last one.

On the subject of writing poems/soliloquies to or about food… I’ve come up with two beginnings that may ruffle some literary feathers. I ruffled my own considerably in writing them, so I absolutely understand. Know that I have the deepest respect for these writers. And to William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare–I owe you my most humble apologies for corruption.

“My Heart Flies Up”

My heart flies up when I behold

A cheese-slice on my plate

So was it when my love first bloom’d

So is it when across the room

There shines a piece of cheddar old–

How kind is Fate!

“To Eat or Not to Eat”

To eat, or not to eat–that is the question:

Whether ’tis better, for patience, to suffer

The stings and roarings of outrageous hunger

Or to take arms against a host of rumbles

And by digesting end them…”

(If you want to read the actual, infinitely superior originals, look up, “‘My Heart Leaps Up’ by William Wordsworth” and “Hamlet’s ‘To Be or Not to Be’ Soliloquy by William Shakespeare.” It may make the above funnier. Or you may want to kill me. Either way, you should!)

On the subject of bad analogies. (If you want an extended one, see my last post) Bad analogies are like…

Stubbing your toe.

A duck that doesn’t take to water but is otherwise adorable.

Finding out that your favorite contemporary author is an ardent admirer of Hemingway.


All my love, dear readers, and may your days be brightened with a little silliness.

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