Great Scot! Foiled Again!

I heard once from an illustrious poet that the exclamation mark was the most vulgar and obtrusive of all the forms of punctuation and that, as sprouting guardians of taste, we ought to stay away from it.

But, sprouting guardian that I am, I thought that—just this once—an exclamation mark or two might be permissible.

I said several things on the subject of lemons in my last post, and made the somewhat unfortunate remark that I liked lemons. Though I was being literal, it seems a little bit like God was taking my metaphorical meaning. This week has seen a barrage of lemons. It almost feels as if they’ve been pelting down from every branch of every lemon tree known to man.

The most recent came when a friend and I concocted a fundraising scheme for Wheaton-in-England, backed by an enthusiastic professor, and then found ourselves at the Student Activities Office, later informed that the very reason we had to come up with ideas on our own was also the reason that it wasn’t feasible.

Patience is an attribute I must not have, for God’s certainly trying to teach me it! (I blame heredity.)

There is, however, a bright side of things. Having no job and no fundraiser means I have extra time for school-work—and extra time for friends. So being “foiled again” hasn’t been so bad so far (after all, I can’t complain about cookies and movie nights.)

Please continue to pray that everything would sort itself out, one way or another, and that God would provide.

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