When Life Gives You Loch Ness Monsters… or Lay-offs

First of all, for those of you confused by the title: I was trying to think of an appropriate way to encompass this post’s thoughts, and that familiar cliché about lemons did of course spring to mind. But because it was so familiar—and because, honestly, lemons are not that unexpected—I thought I’d substitute it for something far more unusual… and also more sobering. (Unless you are of the opinion that, should a Loch Ness Monster plop itself in your lap, you’d be the only one in the room not fainting or screaming or jumping up and down hysterically or reaching for your camera phone while doing any or all of the above.)

Yes, it’s true. I did get laid-off this week—on Monday. I had called my boss to ask about the schedule for the week and got a call back from him saying that he didn’t need me—or anybody—at all until it got busy again, probably March. The prospect of two months or more without the pay that I’d almost come to take for granted (the pay that was feeding into my Wheaton-in-England fund, you’ll remember) was a bleak one. Much more of a Loch Ness Monster than a lemon. (I’m partial to lemons.)

After a brief period of munching unhappily on chocolate (I’m also partial to chocolate) and feeling excessively sorry for myself, I knew I had to make some sort of future battle plan.

Execution of said battle-plan went as follows: I went up to the Career Services Offices and explored their options. Nothing. I checked with the school library to see if they had any openings. Zilch. I hurried underneath the frosty sunshine back to two had-been-hopeful places in downtown Wheaton. Nada.

No, this is not a victory post.

But it’s not a despondent post, either. There’s a website in connection with Wheaton offering pages upon pages of jobs. Some of them aren’t quite for me (“Financial Planning Intern,” for instance, sends distinct creepy-crawlies up and down my spine) and some are for me, or could be. So we will see where those take—or don’t take—me.

What am I learning most through this? That I have to be trusting God and prayerfully considering that, as He has led me thus far, He will continue to guide my steps.

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