November News

It’s been a few weeks (I think; honestly I don’t have such an accurate compass of the passage of time), but my primary reason for no further updates is, of course, being busy. My part-time job was almost a full-time job this most recent week—my boss asked me to work thirty-three hours! Fortunately as the weather grows colder, the Average Joe is not quite so exuberantly seeking out frozen yogurt, so I have had ample time to do homework and attempt to keep warm.

The two-week trial period my once grim and foreboding boss had put forth seems now a myth. I mentioned it to him once out of curiosity, and he waved his hand impatiently. Clearly I’d asked a superfluous question—and apparently I’d passed the test!

This busyness involves six classes, all of which beg me to read, read, read. I like college for that. Aside from the occasional paper, we really only ever seem to read. As it is one of my happiest occupations, I’ve never yet complained.

Miraculously, I hardly waste any time anymore, being constantly either working or attending class or homework-ing or sleeping. The latter is most elusive, but I’m optimistic that all will eventually settle itself.

It’s hard to believe it’s already November! I know that’s not a very original thought, particularly as I myself repeated the sentiment a month ago in reference to, of course, October. November days mean November weather, and as I’m already bitterly shivering in forty or fifty degree temperatures, heaven knows what zero degrees will do to me! Not that the trek to work is really a trek at all—a mere mile, which is nothing to the distances grandparents claimed to have walked to school. Still, frosty winds nipping and biting at your nose—and toes—and ears—and everything else!—are a sad prospect if one is thinking of cheerful fires, a cuddling cat, and hot tea or chocolate to ward off the outside cold.

Winter, I am learning fast, will cease to be romantic when I am in it. Still, I can hardly wait for snow, to justify all this weather.

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” indeed!

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