Hello, everyone!

I’ve created this blog -Adventures to England- as a way to update you on my life and the progress I’m making on raising enough money to go to England this summer with Wheaton College! I’m really excited (and a little nervous) about the next few months, but God provides where He leads. 🙂 I love writing, and I love England, and I love writing about England, so the trip this summer seems like the perfect opportunity! Although it will take a lot to get there, I know God can use this as a time for growth and inspiration. I’m taking this plunge as a way to trust the Lord and His Sovereignty.

As I said, this blog is a way to track how I’m doing as far as funds go, but it also serves as a place I can post little stories or tidbits that are part of my journey at Wheaton. I’ll be doing that within the next few days as I reflect on my first month or so here- and also posting about how I began to think of England as a possibility in the first place! 🙂 Whatever ends up happening -I’m excited for it!

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